This is a great one for strengthening your core, no props required and you can do anywhere. Give it a go…

  • Lie in constructive rest (on your back, knees bent, feet hip distance apart)
  • Bring one leg into your chest as you lower one heel to the floor, close to your buttocks, small, slow movements.
  • You can of course also have one foot resting on the ground if the first option is a little strong.
  • Notice what parts of the core you feel activate, sync the movements to your breath and avoid arching the lower back.
  • Place your arms where they feel most comfortable.
  • If you were able to do your heel taps without arching your lower back you may like to try tapping down with your heels instead. You can also try reaching further away from the buttocks for more of a challenge – just check in and make sure you are not compromising by arching the lower back!
  • Once you have completed a number of rounds on each side slowly extend the legs out long, arms by your side and breathe for several breaths and notice the sensations of the body, particularly around your lower back and core.
Let me know how you go!
Strengthen your core without straining your neck