Classes go Online!

Due to the CV-19 disruptions, I have been working overtime to upskill and learn how to best offer you classes from home.

I have now been teaching for about 4 weeks online both my weekly classes, the BIG Relax and also some 1 hour classes through the Byron Community College.

The classes have been very well received and people are finding the technical side of Zoom quite user friendly.

If you have been missing your regular yoga practice then feel free to jump over to our timetable page to book in to an upcoming class.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat, online from your living room or kitchen ūüôā


What is Somatics and how can it help my posture?

I often find it difficult to describe simply what type of yoga I teach … so I’m here sharing a short video from my incredibly inspiring Somatics teacher, Lisa Petersen. Lisa shares what somatic movement means to her and also offers a simple way to¬†help relieve discomfort of sitting for too long, how to find neutral and reduce slouching or overarching. Well worth checking out.lisa and me
Thank you Lisa for your incredibly gentle, exploratory, curious and supportive nature, you completely changed the trajectory of my teaching in the best possible way.
Click on the below link to view Lisa’s wisdom.

Strengthen your core without straining your neck


This is a great one for strengthening your core, no props required and you can do anywhere. Give it a go…

  • Lie in constructive rest (on your back, knees bent, feet hip distance apart)
  • Bring one leg into your chest as you lower one heel to the floor, close¬†to your¬†buttocks, small, slow movements.
  • You can of course also have one foot resting on the ground if the first option is a little strong.
  • Notice what parts of the core you feel activate, sync the movements to your breath and avoid arching the lower back.
  • Place your arms where they feel most comfortable.
  • If you were able to do your heel taps without arching your lower back you may like to try tapping down with your heels instead. You can also try reaching further away from the buttocks for more of a challenge – just check in and make sure you are not compromising by arching the lower back!
  • Once you have completed a number of rounds on each side slowly extend the legs out long, arms by your side and breathe for several breaths and notice the sensations of the body, particularly around your¬†lower back and core.
Let me know how you go!

Standing Pose to elongate the spine

Home Practice РStanding pose 

Parsvakonanasa (Side angle pose) is a great pose for exploring your connection to your crown and tail and how when you bring attention here you can develop a greater capacity to lengthen the spine, ground and gain a deeper connection to your centre. Shall we try it together?

  1. Set up a chair
  2. Step forward with your right foot, right hand supporting on the chair and back foot tuned out slightly.
  3. Make sure the knee is in line with the toes and start to bring your attention to your feet.
  4. Imagine pressing down into the floor, then bring your attention to your centre and imagine that you have a string from your centre that reaches out through your crown and tail and see how this effects your standing post.
  5. You can also explore extending your left arm and allow this limb also to connect from your centre out and avoid overextending.I would love to hear what your experience is with this pose once you start to connect to your centre….feel the elongation of your spine. Let me know how you go!