Gentle Somatic Yoga

Tuesday + Thursday 9.30-11am







With today’s fast pace and constant busyness these classes offer practices that are slow, therapeutic and are both strengthening + grounding. Incorporating props, demonstrations and individual attention, Jackie creates a safe haven for practicing at your own pace.

Jackie creatively blends nurturing Slow Gentle Yoga poses, Hanna Somatics, Breath Awareness, Fluid Movement and Restorative poses.

These classes develop awareness, reduce stress, tension and holding patterns, support nervous system repair and improve overall well-being.

Research-based benefits:

    • Improve mobility
    • Manage stress
    • Reduce pain and stiffness
    • Improve Mental Health
    • Increases energy levels
    • Sleep better

The BIG Relax

Sat or Sun afternoons (Monthly)







Lovingly crafted for those seeking to move their body in a gentle way, to release tension and to relax the nervous system.

This deeply nurturing 2 hour class incorporates Slow Gentle Yoga poses, Hanna Somatics, Breath Awareness, Fluid Movement and Restorative poses to unravel stress and cultivate healing.

This class is very much self-paced and can be adapted to support injuries or conditions you may be navigating.


The Supportive Psoas


8wk Course : Mon, 16 May 5.30-7.30pm







Discover and explore the state of your Psoas (your primary core muscle) through a slow, gentle yet powerfully effective yoga sequence. Learn what your Psoas needs so that it can function at its best and offer up the possibility for more structural integrity, vitality, strength, flexibility and resilience.

Inspired by Donna Farhi and Leila Stuart’s book “Pathways to a Centred Body”. Jackie has adapted practices into a 6 week series exploring everything Psoas for nervous system repair, alignment and overall health and well-being.


The Foundation Series – Back to Basics


Next 8 wk Course : Wed 18 May 2022







Whether your a beginner or a life long yogi, this series is an exquisite and fascinating exploration into Human Development Movement Patterns.

These patterns are a blueprint for movement that with awareness and practice can help you to experience greater ease, comfort and strength.

During this 8 wk series, Jackie shares her knowledge and the unique wisdom of one pattern per week, layering the teachings. With the support of a committed group, these patterns are explored through gentle, therapeutic and fluid movement, standing poses and restorative postures.

This series is rich in content and a truly beautiful self enquiry into finding freedom + support.


To register your interest in one of the above 8 week courses please contact Jackie.