For your convenience we have listed below detailed class descriptions to assist you in discovering which class appeals to and suits you best.

Hatha YogaKristie

The focus of this class is being kind to ourselves – and creating a practice for life. The class will promote greater range and freedom of movement, nourishment of our internal organs and bringing calm to our busy minds. We will gradually warm up our muscles and joints, then introduce some gentle movement, strengthening, stretching, breath awareness and relaxation, for a completely nourishing 90 minutes. The focus of the class will be safe alignment, using of props where required, and most importantly – listening to and honouring our bodies. Suitable for beginners.

Gentle Somatic Yoga

In this class you can expect to experience a slow paced, gentle and potent yoga class. Incorporating the use of props and accompanied by demonstrations, clear instructions and individual attention we will concentrate on embodying fundamental movement principles to help deepen you practice.

You will have the opportunity to cultivate a meaningful connection between breath and body, experience a lengthening of your muscles, lubricate joints creating a greater range of motion and increase your body strength without force or strain.jackie

Benefits include resetting your nervous system, creating space and lightness in the body, reduce aging process, supports injuries and health conditions with kindness. We also invoke our natural relaxation response to bring our bodies into a state of peace, calm and healing.

Hatha Flow

A nourishing, energising and fluid practise carefully crafted to inspire mindfulness and well-being through relaxation, breath, movement and focus.sharne

Journey through a song-like sequence; beginning slow and soft to relax the body and loosen up the joints, evolving in to a smooth rhythmical flow to energise the being with strength and grace. Finishing with a healing sequence of stretching, pranayama and mantra meditation.

The focus of this class is to let go all rigidity in body and mind, and to establish a connection with our true nature.
Sat Chit Ananda.

Flow in to balance, breathe in to bliss

The BIG Relax
cr jackie

Jackie weaves her deeply subtle and rich teachings through a slow paced, gentle and potent yoga class. These classes concentrate on embodying fundamental movement principles and somatic enquiry with the intention of cultivating a deeper awareness and connection to our own innate body intelligence from which we draw our wisdom.

When we practice in this subtle way we invite the possibility to release emotional and physical trauma, deep holding patterns, balance the nervous system and promote health, radiance and vitality.


Mindfulness Meditation (8 Week Series)mindfulness

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction brings the principles of mindfulness meditation into everyday life. In this course we will be exploring specific skills and practices that can be incorporated into daily life to help break cycles of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion. Those who have taken this user-friendly course report feeling more alive to their work and relationships, with fewer symptoms of stress and also an increased sense of presence in their lives.

This practical eight week course can help you develop more resilience, well-being and experience a deeper sense of joy and connection in your life.


Restorative Yoga

This class is a profoundly nurturing practice where the body is placed in lush, supported positions using a variety of props. christina

As the body yields to the support all effort dissolves and the nervous system is calmed, physical tension and stress melt away and the mind becomes still and quiet. This allows for deep rest, self-nurturing and healing to occur.

This class is open to men and women and no yoga experience is necessary.


 Teen Yoga Space (Term Series)teen yoga space

Here is a chance to unplug, de-stress, move your body, connect with your breath, explore creative self expression and relax deeply. Life is busy and it is easy to feel overloaded and anxious at times! Why not make some time for yourself and join this 8 week course – created just for you! This course will include learning Yoga poses, breath awareness,creativity, journalling and time to deeply relax.
What can Yoga offer you… A chance to feel confident and energetic in your body and take time out for YOU! I so hope you can join me :).

Bookings essential – Contact Karen on 0420 239 791

Yin Yoga

A series of long held postures targeting the deep connective tissue (fascia, myofascia, ligaments and joints), Yin Yoga is designed to open the body’s deeper layers, hydrate and mobilise tissues  and cells, and create healthfulness, lasting flexibility, mindfulness and body awareness. It requires yielding, or surrender, to realign. jane

Postures are mostly floor based and so the practice is quiet, reflective and meditative whilst still challenging the body (and mind) by moving into an ‘edge’.  It is particularly pow
erful for people who have joint, back or chronic pain conditions, who have a strong ‘Yang’ lifestyle (runners, surfers, people who are constantly ‘on the go’).

YogART 4 Children (Term Series

Karen & kids

Stretch, breathe, be mindful and create.  A dynamic, fun and creative class where children explore movement of the body and breathe develop skills to focus and balance, calm the nervous system, laugh, find joy and stillness in art.

Children connecting with themselves and others through YogArt.  A class for mixed primary age – with a maximum of 10 students.

Bookings essential – Contact Karen on 0420 239 791

Yoga for Feminine Vitalitystar

(1st & 3rd Sat of each Month)

In these delicious 2 hours together we will explore the feminine landscape through gentle movement to limber and ground the body, soothe the nervous system with supported restorative yoga, release tension with breath connection, calm the mind with guided mindfulness practice and connect to our deeper inner wisdom or ‘womb space’ with guided visualizations and meditations.

Women of all ages are welcome and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Bookings essential – Contact Star on 0403 713 978