I have set out a description of my various classes to help you decide which may appeal more to your needs. Please know that all classes are suitable for beginners and can be modified for injuries or conditions however best to check in before turning up to a class.


Gentle Somatic Yoga

In this class you can expect to experience

a slow paced, gentle and potent yoga class. Incorporating the use of props and accompanied by demonstrations, clear instructions and individual attention we will concentrate on embodying fundamental movement principles to help deepen you practice.

You will have the opportunity to cultivate a meaningful connection between breath and body, experience a lengthening of your muscles, lubricate joints creating a greater range of motion and increase your body strength without force or strain.

Benefits include resetting your nervous system, creating space and lightness in the body, reduce aging process, supports injuries and health conditions with kindness. We also invoke our natural relaxation response to bring our bodies into a state of peace, calm and healing.

The BIG Relax

Jackie weaves her deeply subtle and rich teachings through a slow paced, gentle and potent yoga class. These classes concentrate on embodying fundamental movement principles and somatic enquiry with the intention of cultivating a deeper awareness and connection to our own innate body intelligence from which we draw our wisdom.

When we practice in this subtle way we invite the possibility to release emotional and physical trauma, deep holding patterns, balance the nervous system and promote health, radiance and vitality.


The Foundation Series – Back to Basics (10 week series)

This series moves through the various human development movement patterns that we all innately have but perhaps do not use because their development may have been interrupted or perhaps an injury changed how you are supported by these patterns.

Why bother now? These patterns are designed to offer us the greatest, most efficient way to move as humans that intrinsically supports the spine and utilises muscles, bones, fluids and organs to offer this deeply centred movement so that you can effortlessly lift, reach, walk, run, sit, lie or anything else that we love to do. (Just watch a baby learning to move). We can re-learn these movement pathways to help reduce strain, pain and disharmony and re-discover that the more we develop these pathways that movement becomes more graceful, seamless, comfortable and that this feeling can also start to show up in our mental, emotional, spiritual and energy fields as well!

Next series commencing October 2018
10 weeks – $250 Inc full 10 wk course & two props to keep

I will only be accepting a limited number of bookings.

To register please email me via contact form with details including your name, age, any injuries or conditions and I will send you through my bank details to secure your place.