Wednesday’s 6.00-7.30 pm
Commencing Wed 5/11/14KNP_8415

Each Wednesday for the next 7 weeks I will be offering a Chakra Balancing sequence, focusing on a particular chakra each week.

We will use pranayama and asana practice (postures) to balance each of these energy centres within the body.

These energy centres collect our emotions and thoughts and how were relate in the world and sometimes this collection can obstruct the flow of our energy.

So our focus throughout the series will be to open and once again allow our energy to flow freely through the body.

The 7 chakras:filepicker-x4Dv27x5R0pDAJoxCtiA_Chakras

1st Chakra – Muladhara (pelvic floor)
2nd Chakra – Svadhishthana (pelvic basin)
3rd Chakra – Manipura (naval & solar plexus)
4th Chakra – Anahata (heart centre)
5th Chakra – Vishuddha (throat centre)
6th Chakra – Ajna (third eye)
7th Chakra – Sahasrana (crown)

No bookings required and you can join at any stage of the series for one or all classes 🙂

7 Week Chakra Balancing Series