Welcome to a new weekly Saturday morning Class

with Vasudha – every Saturday 7.30-9am

We will explore breath work and postures to help us energise the body, relax the mind and open the heart. You are encouraged to work with the breath at your own pace without judgement.

The class will include sound meditation, giving us the opportunity to expand and refine our awareness: the more closely we listen the less our minds wander, allowing us to be present. Develop deep listening and sensitivity to the flow of inner sounds and energies and attune to the subtle frequencies of the universe.

Focus and flow from stability to fluidity, resonate with warmth and spaciousness and go on to share the fruits of your practice with others.
All levels welcome.


“ Meditation returns you to the source.
And the source of all is sound.”
Kabir (mystic poet and nada yogi)

Heart Sound Yoga