Our new Yin Yoga Teacher

Zarah will be teaching every Monday 4pm – 5.30pm Yin Yoga

Namaste – thank you for welcoming me into your yogic community and I look forward to delving deep into yogic practice with you all.

Why I teach?….. My personal yogic journey commenced curiously following various wisdom paths from many cultures and learning from a journey of infinite steps. Along the path my studies have taken me worldwide from vast deserts to lush rain-forests, from the edges of volcanoes to the ocean depths, to epic monsoons and ceremonies. And from elevated mystical experiences to witnessing the many facets of life. And thus it is with upmost gratitude that I have been gifted influence and wisdom from many teachers, traditions, cultural communities, primal nature and most importantly sitting with one Self. Upon contemplation of all the abundance of evolutionary gifting I knew karmically that I must teach. So I journey onwards knowing that teaching each class is a sharing of connecting in with peace, true Self, community evolution and wisdom..

Zarah – Dancing Yogin

Website: www.dancingyoginizarah.org

Introducing Zarah Dancing Yogini