Karen Wightman, Yogart Teacher at Yoga by Nature is offering her annual Yoga for Childrean Teacher Training – Level 1

March 21-22 – Now taking bookings


Are you listening as this IS the call if you can hear it …….?karen YTT

Creative Yogis PresentsYoga for Children level I Teacher Training – “The Basics – A Recipe For Success”- for 5 – 8 Year olds.

Are you someone who recognises that our children are not growing up in the same world that you may have experienced?   Have you seen the signs that many children are under stress and overloaded?  Have you ever considered how rewarding it would be to be of service to the wellbeing of our children offering them tools to cultivate resilience and flexibility within their bodies, mind and emotions as means to be able to become more Self-aware, Self regulate emotions and reduce stress.

These are the tools and skills that this foundational training offers and with this shared knowledge you have the opportunity to personally empower children to re-connect to PEACE which is our natural state – creating true “Ambassadors of Peace”.

Guide children to learn to be able to focus, move, breathe, connect, create, relax and calm their nervous system and connect to themselves as the joy that is their inherent birthright.  Be the change that you want to be and see and join this training if you feel the call.  We are waiting for you NOW AND CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

See more info on the content of the training by following this link – https://www.facebook.com/events/1018218424862274/ and seeing Creative Yogis events or feel free to contact me personally on 0420239791 to discuss the training further.

Do not miss the early bird date of Feb 28th to sign up.  Limited spaces available for this training – so sign up soon to secure your spot.

Feel free to contact Karen direct on 0420239791 to ask any questions, receive an application form and info pack.



Kids Yoga Teacher Training