Hello Yogis,

What an incredible journey of self discovery, love and appreciation I have been on over the past 7 weeks, but I am incredibly happy to be home and back doing what I love, which is teaching yokristie thailandga! It is safe to say that I have literally hit the deck running since arriving home last Thursday, teaching 3 classes and working 3 shifts at my daytime job. My bag is still packed and busting at the brim with treasures from beautiful far away lands, my heart is full with so much joy and warmth and my head is still trying to process the incredible journey it has been on. I have so many stories and scrumptious tidbits I would love to share, but with so many highlights from one little trip it is hard to know exactly where to start. So like unpacking my bag, I will slowly unpack my adventures one-by-one over the following few YBN newsletters, but in the meantime come and have a yarn and a stretch at one of my three new classes.

Thursday 7-8:30am Morning Flow: This fun and creatively sequenced class will help you ward off the winter chill! Combining pranayama, meditation and asana into a delicious, gentle flow that will leave you feeling blissful all day long!

Thursday 6-7:30pm and Friday 9:30-11am Hatha Yoga: This class is the perfect way to strengthen and stabilize the body, whilst also promoting flexibility and suppleness. Poses within the asana practice are held for longer periods of time, allowing the body to open, relax and better integrate the practice.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Caroline, Heidi, Jackie and Lucy for helping to cover my classes whilst I was away and for the rest of the YBN community, I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful smiling faces over the coming weeks, hopefully at one of my classes 😉 Many Blessings, Kristie X

Kristie returns after 7 weeks of travel!
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