LONELINESS: The thing about loneliness is that it doesn’t just creep in because you are alone, it’s actually always there & has always been there. It’s like a creaky house…when the house is empty & no one is home except you, you start to hear the trees brushing against the window, the walls cracking, the birds in the roof…those sounds are happening all the time but the noise of a full household drowns it all out.Julie

This is how loneliness is…..it’s always there but we only feel it when we are not being distracted by another, or by activity, or by the television. So we cling to anything or anyone who is around in order to avoid being alone. Loneliness is us feeling ourselves & our wounds & it is lonely because we are the only ones who can feel it. No one else can feel it for us. This is why they say “You cannot truly know how to be with another until you know how to be with yourself”. So, remember that when you feel afraid of the loneliness… it is just you meeting yourself…….With love, Julie Gallo heart emoticon

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