Commencing Saturday, 23 May
Every Saturday 8am – 9amjenelle

Moon Phase Yoga is a beautiful way for men and women to cultivate greater coherence with the natural world.   We are nature!, and as such, our body-minds inherently respond to and deeply enjoy entraining with its rhythms.  The lunar phases offer energetic guidance to  help us maintain a well-rounded and harmonious yoga practice.

In 2009, at an Iyengar school in Melbourne (Yarraville Yoga), I was taught how to let the moon’s phases articulate and animate my practice.  Since then I have been maintaining a personal, lunar-inspired practice, as well as sharing this fluid, seasonal and rhythmic style with others.  Practicing in tune with the Moon enables an embodied connection with our greater environment.

Moon Phase Yoga is a nourishing, restorative and revitalizing class that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners.


Moon Phase Yoga