A new exciting class with Christina, LOVE YOUR CORE – TENSEGRITY REPAIR SERIES

Tuesdays evenings 6-7.30pm
If you have any back, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, neck or joint issues. This is the class for you. Through deep connection to core we will work to relax, lengthen. strengthen and promote stability in the major muscle groups. This new work out of Vancouver, Canada is revolutionary but it started back in the 1930’s with Ida Rolf (Rolfing) and Buckminster Fuller (the geodesic dome). 

The basic series is carried out using two props: a wooden block under the pelvis and a dowel between the hands. In a supine position, the wooden block promotes connection to the sacrum and pelvis and helps to maintain the natural inward curve in the low back. The dowel held between the hands helps us to connect endpoint to centre – hands to heart, and develop a felt sense of our arm-lines. 

Come along and check it out…feel the difference.