Hello all … beginning Wed 17/6 I have taken over the Wednesday evening class from the gorgeous Star and will be offering you a deliciously relaxing and rewarding Gentle Hatha class. The class will run 6-7.30pm.

gentle hatha wed 6pm

In this class you can expect to experience a slow paced, gentle and potent yoga class. Incorporating the use of props and accompanied by demonstrations, clear instructions and individual attention we will concentrate on embodying fundamental movement principles to help deepen your practice.

You will have the opportunity to cultivate a meaningful connection between breath and body, experience a lengthening of your muscles, lubricate joints creating a greater range of motion and increase your body strength without force or strain.

Benefits include resetting your nervous system, creating space and lightness in the body, reduce aging process, supports injuries and health conditions with kindness. We also invoke our natural relaxation response to bring our bodies into a state of peace, calm and healing.

This class is appropriate for all levels of experience.

NEW CLASS – Gentle Hatha Wed 6pm