A former Melbourne Executive Assistant in the corporate world, I left behind the cold weather and high pressure lifestyle venturing up the East coast alone, thirsty for a different kind of existence something more meaningful and rich. Reconnecting with my love of yoga soon became a daily practice and it became crystal clear to my what my heart longed for … to teach!

Throwing myself into personal growth workshops and retreats, in 2013 I completed my initial teacher training with Rachel Zinman and shortly after Yoga by Nature was born.  Soon after teaching I realised that I was particularly drawn to a more gentle practice and with this in mind I was inspired to pursue further training with internationally renowned yoga teachers Donna Farhi and Lisa Peterson. Their style of practice resonated with me so profoundly, offering an opportunity to experience movements of a deeply subtle nature invoking deep self-enquiry into the body, sensations, feelings and emotions in a safe, supportive and accessible yoga practice.

In 2016 I injured my lower back, elbows and wrists lifting boxes, OUCH! This has truly been an incredible lesson in self care, patience, and finding the capacity to accept what is as it is! (Not always easy…) It has been a long road of recovery and still is,. It has provided me with an insight into chronic pain and what many people are living with every day. I have more compassion and feel it has really instilled a deeper level of understanding when it comes to teaching.

Now entrenched in a fascination for the subtle, I became interested in our energy body and energy field. I chose to complete a 2 year training as a Spirit of Light practitioner with Ghata Engels and Reiki practitioner (I, II and III) with Cath Harrison. Which has been a very healing and joyful experience.

Blending my love of various embodied practices, energy healing and self-enquiry I am deeply filled up by teaching, offering healing sessions and my other passions include dancing, immersing myself in nature (especially the water), talking to my expanding collection of plants, sitting in ceremony, singing and spending time with my loved ones.

I sincerely invite you to join me for a class or session 🙂

When we practice yoga from an interior perspective, the body becomes mindful and the mind becomes embodied”. Donna Farhi