A former Melbourne Executive Assistant in the corporate world, I left behind the cold weather and high pressure lifestyle venturing up the East coast alone, thirsty for a different kind of existence something more meaningful and rich. Reconnecting with my love of yoga soon became a daily practice and what showed up was a deep desire to teach!

Fast forward almost a decade I’ve been fortunate enough to study with world renown yoga teachers including Rachel Zinman, Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen and Master Yang.

Training in energy work including Reiki with Cath Harrison, Spirit of Light with Ghata Engels and the Wild Women’s Way with Michaela Boehm. I have experienced many different personal growth retreats, workshops and trainings and have enjoyed every bit.

Shortly after my initial Yoga Teacher Training I opened a studio in Bruns however that space wasn’t meant to be (heart breaking!) but I love to teach, its definitely my greatest passion (along with my garden) and so I moved my classes to the local Community Centre in Brunswick Heads. I still have hopes for my own studio space one day but for the moment I am enjoying what I do and that’s teaching a richly gentle and nourishing practice that is also invigorating and engaging.

My other loves are being out in nature, swimming in the river or at the beach, walking, hanging out with my girlfriends, planting new trees, sitting in ceremony, singing and spending time with my loved ones.

One of my students recently gifted me with this line after she completed the class and so I will leave it with you as I believe it says it all “Motion is the potion”.