Jackie is the  founder of Yoga by Nature and she has carefully selected the following teachers for their caring, friendly and sweet natures


A former Melbourne Executive Assistant in the corporate world, Jackie left behind the cold weather and high pressure lifestyle venturing up the East coast alone, meditating and practicing yoga to both discover and re-connect to her true nature and heart’s desire.

As a consequence and health impact of the lifestyle that Jackie led in Melbourne she was inspired to pursue her studies with internationally renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi. This style of practice resonated with Jackie as it provided an opportunity to experience movements of a deeply subtle nature which invoke self-enquiry into the body, sensations, feelings and emotions in a safe, supportive and accessible yoga practice.

Down to earth, friendly and compassionate, Jackie focuses on offering personal attention and welcomes all levels of students to experience this unique style of yoga practice.

When we practice yoga from an interior perspective, the body becomes mindful and the mind becomes embodied”. Donna Farhi


ChristinaOriginally trained in Kripalu Yoga (a Hatha style yoga) Christina has since trained extensively with various teachers in Canada, the USA and Australia. Her commitment to her students and ongoing training adds new and cutting edge developments to her yoga  ‘toolbox’. Her most recent passion is Restorative Yoga where the “relaxation response” slows our system down. We shift into BEING, a receptive state where deep rest is experienced, even deeper than sleep and the nervous system is restored and regulated.

The qualities of ‘sukha’ (gentleness, softness) and ‘sthira’ (steadiness, firmness) are the foundation of Christina’s teaching. Detailed instruction with the emphasis on alignment facilitates brain/body connection leading to a deeply integrated experience for beginners through to advanced practitioners.

Christina’s intention is to take you to new depths in your practice and in your life. Every sensation becomes sacred and is responded to with tenderness and compassion, your body becomes the temple in which you invoke the presence of the divine.



Heather was first introduced to Yoga when she was 13 years old and since that time yoga has woven it’s way through her life. Yoga always brings Heather a sense of balance, calm and joy, these things she loves sharing with others. Always having a love of travel in 2004 Heather found herself in India doing a 10 day stretching course, her first introduction to Yin Yoga where she realized the amazing benefits of holding positions and using the breath to minimize the distractions of the body and the mind. In 2009 Heather moved to Samoa in 2009, this allowed her the opportunity to focus on yoga and complete a 200 hour Teacher Training. In 2014, she went to Mysore and completed another Hatha Yoga style 200 hour teacher training and in 2017 I started some formal training into Yin Yoga completing a 50 hour with Tara Fitzgibbon. Heather truly loves the way Yin seems to transform us all into a place of deep relaxation. 

Samoa was a perfect place to teach yoga and run several weekend retreats. Heather is looking forward to sharing yoga with students of any level her at Yoga by Nature. Heather is looking to create a space that allows you to intentionally connect with yourself and develop self-awareness and clarity. 


Karen WhitemanKaren is an enthusiastic, dynamic, compassionate, playful and joy filled Yogi. Her passions are Yoga, Art, Music, Nature, travel, children – and in her view all best savoured whilst laughing and enjoying life!

Her Yogic journey began in Thailand 19 years ago and she has been sharing Yoga Education with Children of all ages for a decade and teaching adults for 7 years.

Karen trained with Knoff Yoga in 2006 and in the Ishta system with Rachel Zinman in 2012 – she is an E-RYT200 – experienced registered Yoga Teacher and also a RCYT – a specialist registered children’s Yoga teacher. Karen teaches in Schools throughout the Shire and beyond, runs teacher trainings in Japan yearly in Children’s Yoga, hosts workshops and is a co- teacher on Rachel Zinman’s Yearly TT in Byron Bay. For more detailed information see www.creativeyogis.com


Kristie is a delightful, warm and enthusiastic yogi, who was first introduced to yoga in 2010, as a young university student.  Kristie still remembers the boundless joy she experienced at her first yoga class, which got her “hooked” and has continued to fuel her passion for the practice. Whether it is making progress with a pose or connecting with her body in a new and exciting way, yoga has always found a way to bring a genuine smile to Kristie’s face.

As a born and bred Byron Shire local, Kristie is passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga with the local community and inspiring students to get on their mat and realize the powerful benefits of yoga for themselves.

Filled with her joy and passion for yoga, Kristie completed her training with Emily Kuser and High Vibe Yoga in 2014, where she was trained in Hatha Yoga with a strong Anusara influence. Incorporating pranayama and meditation into her dynamic, Vinyasa style classes, Kristie aims to foster a sense of wellbeing within each of her students, allowing the lessons learned on the mat, to be integrated into daily life. Her fun, creative classes have a strong focus on alignment, which challenges the body, educates the mind and inspires the heart, leaving you feeling nourished and energized.

Sarah Sarah C

Sarah first found yoga in the north of India whilst travelling. She was enchanted knowing she had found something special yet completely overwhelmed. Two years later Sarah struggled to balance university and work in a new city and yoga began to make sense in her world.

She found that yoga helped her relax and unwind but also worked as a rejuvenating and replenishing practice. Feeling focused and driven Sarah took off to explore the world. No matter where she was Sarah found herself at home on her yoga mat. It became her safe place, her space for peace and calm.

After returning to Australia she completed her training in Sydney with her teacher Idit Tamir and began Vipassana meditation in the Blue Mountains. Sarah hopes to share with you the happiness yoga has brought her.

Sharnesharne headshot

Sharne has saluted the Sun since her early years, learning Yoga Asana from her father and Guru. Yoga has remained her anchor to realising the divine with, and illuminating the beauty in all things. Sharing the Ancient teachings of Yoga with Asana, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation is Sharne’s deepest love.

The Hatha Flow classes are carefully crafted to inspire mindfulness and well-being through breath, movement and focus. This grounding, energising and gentle practise is designed to maintain a harmonious connection with our natural state of being. Sat Chit Ananda. 

Sharne’s classes uplift, refresh and nourish the being. Deeply relax with Yoga Nidra, energise with the Tristhana flow, and heal with Chikista sequence. Move into balance breathe into bliss! Hari Om


Star is deeply passionate about the healing benefits of yoga and has been practicing for over 20 years and teaching since 2006.

Having experienced a variety of challenging health issues over the past 7 years, Star’s once dynamic and masculine practice has come full circle and she now approaches yoga and life in a more gentle, feminine and nurturing way. This is reflected in her teaching, which has a deliciously nourishing quality.

Star has a gift for creating sacred space and loves to specialise in Restorative Yoga practices for women, which are beautifully woven together with the practice of mindfulness. She also feels deeply about helping empower women through all the stages and challenges of their lives with the gifts of yoga, particularly through pregnancy, birth and beyond.



Vasudha began attending yoga classes and retreats in rural Victoria with her mother at the tender age of 7 and gradually developed her own practice over the years under the influence of many inspiring teachers in Australia and overseas. A qualified music therapist, music teacher, professional singer, musician, sound healing practitioner and poet, Vasudha was naturally drawn to explore Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. In 2016 she travelled to Rishikesh Nada Yoga School to complete a teacher training. Nada Yogis experience the world as pure vibration that originated from the cosmic sound of Om.

 Vasudha is passionate about researching, experiencing and sharing sound based techniques that have healing and integrative effects on the body mind heart, leading to increased self awareness, self empowerment and higher consciousness.  You are encouraged to centre yourself in the present moment, work with the breath at your own pace without judgement and discover stillness, silence and spaciousness. Develop deep listening and sensitivity to the flow of inner sounds and energies and attune to the subtle frequencies of the universe. www.nadayogasoundhealing.com

“ Meditation returns you to the source. And the source of all is sound.” Kabir  (mystic poet and nada yogi) 


Zarah – a Dancing Yogini follows wisdom paths that continue to evolve her understanding of the intricacies of life. And with yogic teachings encompassing over 800+ hours of tuition in various yogic styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Chakra, Pre/Postnatal ,Yin, a Bachelor of Science in Genetics, training in Shiatsu Massage and upcoming Remedial Massage – Zarah speaks from a place of scientific understanding and thus focuses on one’s innate wellbeing and healing mechanisms.

A class shared with Zarah is a dance of reverence, it is passion for movement, it is surrendering to upmost sensitivity and compassion and melting into a nurturing realm of connection with all. www.dancingyoginizarah.org