Here is a little taste of our student’s experience at Yoga by Nature.

“… I loved how we were constantly encouraged to feel into our own bodies & go at our own pace.
Really great delivery, I love Jackie’s style & subject knowledge.
….” Jody

” I came to the course with aggravated, spasming psoas and a history of anxiety and adrenal fatigue. The course offered ways of soothing and nurturing my muscles and nervous system that were gentle but powerful. Jackie’s passion for this work is evident and she creates a wonderful space for healing and learning.” Megan

“Hi there, I’m lovin the Yoga… thank you so much.  I just wish I started 10 years ago instead of 3 months ago!!!!! I now realise I missed out on so much and Yoga really is for guys too haha. Yoga has been a missing “HDMI cable” between my mind and body and a way to push the “envelope” every lesson. I now feel like I’m hooked on it and I cant stop telling everyone I can about it. I’m loving the journey, Thanks again” Rick

“Jackie has an encouraging, and patient teaching style. I really appreciated her clarity, commitment and support throughout the series. Well prepared, acknowledged where individuals were at in the process and practices. Excellent series…thank you Jackie .” Lesley

” Jackie is an incredibly, knowledgeable and experienced teacher. She puts not only her experience in every class, but her full heart. I feel safe, looked after and cared for in her classes.” Irene

I am 69 years old. I injured my back in July 2014. I was having various treatments but none was helping significantly. Then a friend invited me to join Yoga By Nature. In the beginning, I was having trouble walking. I also had a lot of trouble doing transitions from one pose to another… From my very first Gentle Hatha Yoga class with Jackie i could feel the improvement in my back. Now, about four months on, I am doing very well, don’t take any pain-killing medications, and am able to do almost what everyone else in the class can do. Jackie is a wonderful teacher, her voice is gentle but strong. She gives clear instructions and demonstrations and her classes flow well. She also gives individual attention to everyone in the class when it is needed and strongly encourages to participate to their ability. Thank you Jackie and Yoga BY Nature for helping my recovery so much and also for the enjoyment and peace that the class provides

I would say a lovely perfect name “Yoga by Nature” to me refers to getting in contact with your own nature … I would say a Beautiful Spiritual & Nurturing experience” Anonymous

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